Best Asus Gaming Laptops 2021

Nowadays, a lot of teenagers, young people and even adults are fond of computer games. And for that, they need a good gaming computer.

The Impact of Computer Games on People and Culture

Before talking about the impact of computer games on people and culture, it is worth defining what exactly games are in our time. In a general sense, a computer game is a program that serves to organize gameplay (or gameplay), communication between game partners or acting as a partner. But now more and more people regard computer games as one of the forms of contemporary art, which is hard to deny, knowing the meaning and criteria of art. Along with the emergence of computer games, the republic of gamers‘ influence on pop culture and people in general began.

At the very beginning of its existence, computer games were introduced as slot machines, the culture of which was spread throughout the world. One machine, one game. One try, one token. The first game genre was arcades, in which people competed among themselves and set records. Later, game consoles appeared on which you could play many games, not just one pre-installed one. Computer games were advertised on banners and on TV, game festivals and awards were organized. Every year they become more and more densely included in the life of a modern person.

First of all, computer games have always been a part of leisure, they helped pass the time and escape from everyday reality into a unique and dissimilar world filled with fantastic creatures and various events. Further, with the development of technologies and means of transmitting information, games acquired more and more means of expression and influence on the minds and consciousness of people. To begin with, it is worth highlighting the areas in which computer games help people and where their influence is most noticeable.

Top 5 Best Asus Gaming Laptops

  1. The Asus Laptop 15 X515EA is an entry-level versatile laptop that combines stylish design and modern technology. Modern components: the Asus Laptop 15 X515EA is equipped with an Intel Pentium processor and integrated graphics, allowing it to cope with a variety of tasks.
  2. Asus FX506HC-HN002 Eclipse Gray – for the next generation of gamers. Multimedia comfort is provided by a large display with increased refresh rate, high resolution, and an audio system with all-around directional sound. By purchasing such a laptop, you get the best tool for playing games, as well as performing all kinds of computing tasks for work or educational purposes.
  3. ASUS HORN Zefirus G14 JA401II-XE215T. The laptop has a very high-quality screen with a matte finish. Among the characteristics of the display deserve attention: the size of the diagonal of the screen is 14 inches, the resolution is Full HD, the frequency is 120 Hz, the brightness is 300 cd/m2, the contrast ratio is 1000: 1. These indicators are quite enough for comfortable laptop use. The displayed image is really high quality – regardless of the type of content being broadcast.
  4. The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 features a thin and light 14-inch body, a high-resolution narrow bezel display, and built-in four-channel Dolby Atmos speakers for a truly immersive gaming experience.
  5. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15. When it comes to gaming laptops, the first to come to mind are the models from the line with the self-explanatory name Republic of Gamers (ROG), which is produced by ASUS. The new ROG Zephyrus G15 is arguably the best 15-inch laptop on the market.